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That is a lot of information processing South Extension Escorts Girls.; perhaps that is South Extension Escorts Girlsalso a reason why pornography is not the best choice for observers to use to enhance a sex life.

Although gender is chosen by the sperm the egg has equal genetic material to contribute and if the couple decide on the gender of a child together and focus during LOVE MAKING on calling forth a female spirit to incarnate what that tells the body is to create a female fetus; so the sperm that will pierce the egg will be the gender chosen as directed by the divine desire of the couple. Results in the abundance experiment will vary according to your attitude however joyfully the change in the sexual part of your mind from practicing the tantric focus is likely welcomed from your higher consciousness that removes thousands year old cobwebs from this part of man’s psyche whether honoring nature, focusing on wealth or however you choose desire to create your own sexual magic. Examining aging means facing loss that the body is experiencing so does that perhaps explain underlying anxiety that aging people have that unconsciously is applied to various areas of life?

Practice dancing together to connect deeply in the higher centers the fourth energy center as love and arouse the kundalini to the sexual momentum before deciding to have the LOVE MAKING act. South Extension Escorts Girls The awakened child has a better chance of being born if the four energy center and higher brain centers are highly active during the sexual act so love each other and paint a dance of mind to engineer from the Holy Spirit the DNA coding of the focus of the pair. Little girls have been know to self stimulate to soothe themselves also at ages prior to puberty to reduce stress also that psychologists have documented and as we mentioned previously in the paper that the first energy center is what people use often prior to sexy college girls higher teachings to reduce stress states in the body.

Important to remember that the autonomic nervous system is what releases the orgasm which is proven by (most frequently single or non orgasmic with a partner) a woman having a sexual orgasm in sleep to release any pent up sexual energy especially around ovulation; while in men that type of response is possible however inconvenient for obvious reasons. Flowers and other plant life looks so sensually beautiful and perhaps the silkiness of a rose petal or the nectar ooze of an orchid was meant to inspire the senses of men and women to make love. If the woman trains her body correctly and conducts her day with surplus energy then she may desire to experience multiple orgasms later.

Male quick sexual response evolved over thousands of years and the female evolved South Extension Escorts Girls slower in the larger percentage of women. In addition the sex chemistry is there to allow the woman to trance the mid brain area in order to totally relax the body and to fully orgasm. Once realization of our biological potentials unfolded blooms then the proof will be available and skeptics with and without hidden agendas will have no more to add Children who are un satiated and easy targets for mass commercial consumption may become less prevalent when women orgasm to conceive and those that were born of women who did not have the chance to become satiated in knowing why they are so and changing it later in a fruitful intimate life.

I have noticed a tendency for more women to watch pornography with men and wonder if it is the female attempting to create herself more visually oriented as her sexual response. Males are reported to be more visually oriented in responding sexually so learning to ‘feel’ sensually beautiful in their own body allows them to connect in the experience of LOVE MAKING. It is important to use the energy awareness here to override the cervical contact as perceived pain or discomfort and to tell the partner if it is too much speed or to deep penetration till the woman gets used to sexual intercourse all of the sensations and is able to relax allowing for deeper penetration and the nervous system transfers total body ecstasy and enjoyment that overrides any discomfort to the body.

Many women have mapped pain and froze up during sex or created tension that sometimes locks the lower back over time and may radiate to the hips if this problem persists. An important item is a woman’s acceptance and love of her body during her menstrual cycle. Most important in reference to people who make love like a rebound victim, the need South Extension Escorts Girls to be given attention or glorification through the sex act is created as an unhealthy cycle when sadness is orgasmed.

For those dating certainly a higher caliber of lover would likely come into the life of one taking the time to learn this material to share it with. Enslavement of women through our history has affected the female sexual response and information available through the world is either missing or erroneous about that topic. THERE WAS NOTHING EVIL ABOUT THESE VIDEOS SEXUALLY OR SPIRITUALLY, THEY WERE S THERAPY 4 MALES WHO WANT DOMINATION & FETISHES, THIS WAS A BUSINESS HAVING NOTHING WHATEVER 2 DO WITH MY PERSONAL INTERESTS OR SEX LIFE, I DID IT TO SUPPORT MYSELF & FAMILY, I DID NOT HAVE SEX FOR 30 ½ YEARS, FROM 1978 TO 2008.

Aslanlight, I personally do not believe in domination as such but in patriachal society with its hierarchies it is obviously very important and by extension results in isms like racism and specieism and sexism whereby groups of people are graded accordingly as per characteristics that define whether they are higher or lower, better or worse, wanted or not. (THIS IS PANDEMIC TODAY, WHETHER PEOPLE KNOW IT OR NOT, IT BEGINS AS ATTACHMENT DISORDER” & MORPHS INTO THE MORE DIFFICULT DETACHMENT DISORDER” & SINCE FEW PEOPLE TODAY R BREASTFEED/NURTURED 4 A MINIMUM OF 2 ½ YEARS, THE WHOLE WORLD IS CRYING OUT 4 BONDING WITH MOM, ALMOST EVERYONE IF NOT EVERYONE, HAS ATTACHMENT DISORDER 2 SOME DEGREE, I CAN SEE EVEN IN MYSELF, I CRAVE MOTHER LOVE, IT IS NOT PRESENT IN THIS EVIL WORLD.) WHEN WILLIAM SAYS THE WORD DOMINATION,” IT MEANS AUTHORITY, THE ONE IN CHARGE, THE ONE South Extension Escorts Girls WHO HAS THE FINAL SAY.”